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Albert the Pug and the Haunted Castle is almost here

This book is just about done and here are two scenes*.

It’s all very excirting, I’m sure you’ll agree. Expect the book to be released on Amazon and from me at www.albertthepug,com in October (2012). And it’s a whopper with 61 illustrated pages.

Got kids. Like pugs. Get book.



*NOTE: Text in the final version may differ slightly to words which appear here.

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Startling news about Albert the Pug


After several hard days and long nights the next Albert the Pug book is now only weeks away.

Albert is pictured above looking startled.

Look out for Haunted Castle, the biggest Albert the Pug adventure yet, on Amazon soon.



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Another page from Thief Dog


A page from Albert the Pug and the Thief Dog.

As you can see this dog can use the telephone.

Younger readers note: this is what telephones used to look like.

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Page from Thief Dog Kindle version


Here’s a page – and the opening rhyme – from Albert the Pug and the Thief Dog from the Kindle version.

This is what you’ll see using the Kindle app on Android or your PC – or Kindle Fire. Standard Kindle’s just won’t be so colourful.


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Get the book on US Amazon today


Albert the Pug and the Thief Dog is availble on Amazon now as a full colour paperback book.

It costs $10.99, and also delivers to the UK from the US amazon.com website.

And here is a special exclusive look at one of the pages from the book.

Buy the book now.

Also available on Kindle and iPad. Here are the details:

The iPad version of Thief Dog costs $2.99 and is available here.

The Kindle version is available from Amazon in the UK, US, France and Germany.

The UK Amazon Kindle link is here and the book costs £2.14.

The US Amazon Kindle link is here and the book costs $2.99.

The Germany Amazon Kindle link is here and the book costs 2.99 Euros.

The France Amazon Kindle link is here and the book costs 2.99 Euros.

And don’t forget, the Kindle version also works on the Kinlde app for iPad and android phones and is in full colour (standard Kindle displays are not colour apart from Kindle Fire).

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