Albert the Pug and the Haunted Castle

Moving closer to a summer release, I can now reveal with extra ecstatic excitement that the new Albert book is called Albert the Pug and the Haunted Castle.


Final work on the book begins next week (June 2012).

Shown here is a rough background from Haunted Castle.

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New drawing from Albert book two


Albert carrying a lantern.

Background for the new Albert the Pug book


This scene will be featured in the next untitled Albert the Pug book.


Thief Dog video

This video has no sound (yet).

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Another page from Thief Dog


A page from Albert the Pug and the Thief Dog.

As you can see this dog can use the telephone.

Younger readers note: this is what telephones used to look like.

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Albert the pug photograph


Taken at Wycoller Country Park in Lancashire, United Kingdom, this is a photo of Albert the pug.

Albert, of course, is the subject and inspiration of the Albert the Pug books

The image was previously used on the cover of a calendar printed in Japan.